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The Egocentricity of Desire is a film which tests the nature of human relationships. Confined in a flexible pneumatic construction, a man and a woman long to touch but cannot until they learn to move cooperatively. Each must imagine himself in the other’s place; each must grapple with his own desires and egotism. Only then will the apparatus permit them any degree of intimacy. 


Eugene Boateng and Nana Adison

Written, Directed and Produced by: Esther Löwe | DoP: Richard Marx | Camera Assistants: Gil Bartz, Konstantin Minnich | Lights: Nikolai Mahring, Alexander Palucki, Ronald Heinze | Make-up Artist: Nina Cesari | Seamstress: Lena Moritzen | Construction: Maxim Lachmann and Marcello Kaiser | Construction Assistants: Lukas Zabek, Öckan Kilic, Kuno Kunkowski | Line Producer: Linn Kohlmetz | 1st AD: Tara Afsah

Editor: Janine Dauterich | Visual Effects: Janine Dauterich | Colourist: Moritz Peters | Music by: Ben Suksanguan

Produced by: Esther Löwe and Maxim Lachmann