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The Grand Dame of German ballet Monika Lubitz guides a young prima ballerina on a mysterious journey to the secret of dance—a journey that leads us to reflect on the impermanence of our being.

The Beautiful Mind is an homage to the fragrance of the same name, by Geza Schön.


Monika Lubitz

Written, Directed and Produced by: Esther Löwe | DoP: René Dame | Line Producer: Mark Löbnitz | Camera Assistant: Jens C. Wanzeck |Sound Recordist: Manuel Vogt | Best Boy: Hannes Adam | Lighting Technicians: Erik Sander, Fin Ole Langer | Grip: Hannes Adam | DIT: Anja Keyßelt | Assistant Director: Chiara Rimkus

Production Design: Lena Moritzen | Make-up: Anja Rimkus | Stylist: Angelika Götz | Set Assistant: Fritz Schiffers | Set Photographer: Dennis Schnieber

Editor: Anja Keyßelt | Original Music: Héctor Marroquin | Music Production: Shai Caleb Hirschson | Colour Grader: Biggie Klier | Compositing/VFX: Tobias Horvarth | Sound Design: Tina Laschke | Sound Mix: Julian Holzapfel

Supported by: Diesel & Dünger Film / Tony Petersen Film / Camelot /  Kamera Ludwig / Lichtforum Berlin