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Lola and Taro, two lonely children, live in the fairytale world of an abandoned attic, hidden from nameless danger. Despite her own needs, Lola looks after her small brother. One evening, when Taro begs her to play a game of hide-and-seek, the situation careens out of control. Lola takes out her biggest fear on Taro.

Merry-Go-Round exists in an internal universe in which the relationship between two children becomes the mirror of the world at large.


Lola and Taro Kinard

Written and Directed by: Esther Löwe | Producers: Manuel Kinzer and Florian Gerstenberg | Executive Producer: Cathleen Hoffmann | DoP: Sven Jacob Engelmann  | Focus Puller: Michael Schneider | Grip: Heiko Kohl | Gaffer: Berta Valín Escofet | Production Designer: Lena Moritzen | Set Construction: Marcello Kaiser | Set Design Assistant/Painter: Laura Talamini | Set Design Assistant: Michael Randel | Props: Thuy-Van Nguyen-Khanh | Assistant Property Master: Sara Währisch | Carpenters: Maxim Lachmann and Philipp Meise  | Costume Designer: Christiane Milde | Art Finisher: Lena Moritzen | Make-up Artist: Luise Baumgarten

Editor: Anja Keyßelt | Sound Designers: Johannes Peters, Paul Rischer and Manuel Vogt | Foley Studio: Hanse Warns | Foley Artist: Carsten Richter | Foley Recordist: Marcus Sujata | Re-recording Mixer: Stefan Korte | Title Designers: Maxim Lachmann and Frederik Grytzmann | Colourists: Frederik Grytzmann and Moritz Peters

Produced by: Filmgestalten 
Supported by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg | Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film

Special Thanks: L Lee Lowe | Lisa and Konrad Kinard | Nicola Powell