Esther Löwe is a Zimbabwean filmmaker based in Berlin. She was trained in classical music, jazz, film scoring, sound design and directing, and therefore has a unique ability to connect the visual and auditory. She wrote the scripts for all of her narrative short films, her fashion films and documentary shorts, as well as working as a dramaturgical consultant and concept creator for other filmmakers. In addition to writing and directing she has also produced some of her own films and worked as a line producer and assistant director for other directors.
Her films have screened at festivals in Sao Paulo, New York City, San Diego, Miami, Berlin, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Paris, among many more, and been nominated and awarded multiple times. Currently she is co-writing her first feature film and in pre-production for a short film. Her love of telling an emotional, honest, aesthetic story is her motor and tool to affect and change the world around her.

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